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Sicaffe is a famous brand, acknowledged for its outstanding quality in the art of coffee making. Our signature is a unique coffee roasted at the cafe and authentic Hungarian strudels baked according to an old traditional recipe.

We mix and roast green coffee beans right in front of your table, making the process a beautiful and fascinating performance. The genuine and warm aroma of fresh roasted coffee and its original taste create an unforgettable impression, worth coming to our place again and again.

Strudels at Sicaffe are not typical St. Petersburg cuisine: this dish will broaden your thinking of pastry. Dough is paper thin in Strudels — it’s subtle and weightless. Their entire essence, advantage and simplicity is their full-fledged filling, that can vary from hearty meat combination to light desserts. We use recipes created for our cafe by an expert from Hungary, who shared with us the peculiarities that now make our strudels best in the entire city.

We believe in the pairing of strudel and coffee. There is nothing more suitable for any occasion. Looking for a quick breakfast? Have a special set to go — strudels packed in a box with a convenient cup holder. Something for dinner? Three hearty strudels make a good hot meal at a third of the cost. Some of the fillings are: cherry, poppy seeds, spinach with Feta cheese, cheese Suluguni. So you can create your own perfect combination with coffee.

In addition, we always have fresh homemade cakes, cookies and bread, all freshly made in our very own bakery. Our café has the most delicious, affordable lunches and complete breakfasts in the area and, most importantly — a warm and welcoming atmosphere, filled with romance.

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